Tiger Tanks Aquatics
Service for Your System

Service and maintenance for all varieties of habitats.

Do you have a aquarium or terrarium? Are you thinking about getting one or more?

Setting up a new system, tearing down a system, moving a system, or for maintenance give Tiger Tanks Aquatics a call.

Prepared for most systems whether terrestrial, freshwater, saltwater, planted tank, or reef.

Provide services for reptiles, amphibians, and etc..

Provide vacation services for any type of system.

Provide emergency services.

Provide a maintenance schedule to the point you do not even need food on hand.

Provide business services.

Custom fabrication/repair of parts (acrylic and PVC mostly).

Free consultation and/or estimate within the West End of Ottawa.

Making your habitat look like a million bucks !!!

90 Gallon Planted Tank

Terrariums for Crested Geckos

Saltwater Reef Tank


Custom Made Overflow Box

Custom Made Intank Protein Skimmer

Top of Protein Skimmer for 150 Gallon Tank

Top of Protein Skimmer for 150 Gallon Tank

Top of Protein Skimmer for 150 Gallon Tank

Custom Protein Skimmer

Good Froth

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